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Neuroplasticity Interactive

Not showing up? You may not have the Unity plug-in. Test here.

Purpose: This scene is part of a larger eLearning Module teaching about neuroplasticity, how our brains adapt and change at the molecular, synaptic, and cellular levels. The above scene is the culimation of the section on synaptic change, reenforcing that the brain continuously adds and subtracts synapses to shape neural networks.

The module was created as the intervention for my thesis research, and tested for both tradition (information retention) and formative (change in belief system) learning outcomes.

Target Audience: General adult population

Medium: Unity4, with assets created in 3D Studio Max and Adobe Photoshop

Selected References:

Behind the Scenes: The main lesson I learned building this interactive is the importance of breaking everything down to its smallest pieces. This storyboard was created as a tool to help me plan the user experience, and then list precisely what functions and effects I would need to code to make it happen. The look and feel came later in the process. And, as always, there were changes between the plan and the final version. For example, what I had initially envisioned as drag-and-drop later became a simple button-click. All three of these scenes are part of the eLearning Module. Scene 3a is the one shown above.

Neuroplasticity Storyboard