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T6 Vertebra in Perspective
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T6 Vertebra and Cross-section

Purpose: Depict the T6 thoracic vertebra in linear perspective within a box, showcasing its gross anatomy, its cross-section, and how the two relate to each other.

Target Audience: Anatomy students

Medium: Micron pens on Denril, Adobe Illustrator

Behind the Scenes: The main challenge in this piece was drawing such an organic shape in linear perspective. I set up my vanishing points and projections digitally, then printed out it out as a framework to sketch by hand. With tracing paper over the print and string taped down at the edge of my desk (representing each vanishing point), I proceeded to lay out where key points would be and sketch the vertebra into the box. From there, I blocked out value in pencil before doing the final illustration in ink. Box in 2-pt perspective with projections of T6 vertebra Sketch of T6 vertebra T6 vertebra in perspective with labels