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Aspirin/Ibuprofen Interactions

Winner of the Steven J. Harrison Award for Outstanding Achievement in Animation, Spring 2015

Purpose: Teach about the interaction between aspirin and ibuprofen. Both bind to the cycloxygenase enzyme in platelets, yet ibuprofen out-competes aspirin when they are taken together, preventing aspirin from providing cardioprotection.

Target Audience: Healthcare professionals

Medium: 3D Studio Max, Adobe AfterEffects


Behind the Scenes: Animations are a long process involving lots of planning and lots of changes along the way. The storyboard below laid out the foundation for the finished animation, from shot composition and camera motion to timing the visuals with the script. It even includes the branding of a mock studio. It also includes a few details that were later cut, such as the timer in the corner of the screen. Cycloxygenase Storyboard page 1 Cycloxygenase Storyboard page 2 Cycloxygenase Storyboard page 3