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Cellular Chaos Animation Sneak Peak: Storyboard

Today is day 3 of the week-long blog post celebration of the site's launch! In addition to the site, I've got some other big things coming up soon. Most notably, my animation on cellular chaos is in the final stages of completion and will be ready to show you in a few weeks.

I'm really excited about this piece. It's intended to teach about how cells are a very crowded, chaotic space. Perhaps you're familiar with Drew Berry's molecular visualizations of DNA? The first time I saw those, it was a gif somewhere on the interwebs that was probably a violation of his copyright. But the full complexity of the molecules involved in DNA replication stuck in my imagination. Now I'm getting to act on that inspiration and include hyper-realistic DNA replication as the concluding scene to this animation.

Storyboard for animation on Cellular Chaos, page 1 Storyboard for animation on Cellular Chaos, page 2