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Steven J. Harrison Award for Outstanding Achievement in Animation

I'm honored to have received the Steven J. Harrison award at the O.A. Parkes Symposium and International Student Exchange for my animation on Aspirin/Ibuprofen Interactions.

Among his numerous accomplishments, this award was named after Harrison as the only medical illustrator to win an Emmy.

Pipe cleaner man riding sella turcica inside a skull

To celebrate the site's launch, I'm publishing a new blog post a day for the first week!

To begin check out the latest post or look back to Lessons from Cadaver Dissection to learn the story behind Maurice, the pipe cleaner cowboy riding the sella turcica (Latin for Turkish saddle).

Storyboard Panel for Cycloxygenase Animation

Find out about the making-of the Aspirin/Ibuprofen Interactions animation by checking out the case study.

Want to see more? The gallery gives a quick snapshot of all my work. Clicking on any piece will give you more information on the thinking that went into it.